Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans

Wellness plans are an affordable way to provide the best health care for your pets.

Pet Wellness Plans

Pet Wellness plans are a convenient and affordable way to provide the best healthcare for your Pet needs. Pet Wellness Plan is not an Insurance Plan. Instead, a pet wellness plan is a Sage Hill Veterinary Hospital’s plan designed to keep in mind our client’s needs. Pet wellness plan comprises a pre-paid collection of discounted health care services for your pet. Sage Hill Animal Hospital’s wellness plan is an affordable pet healthcare plan which is designed to keep in mind the most necessary services to maintain the health of your cuddly friend.  We are confident that our wellness plan is better than the pet insurance plans as it provides better value for your pet healthcare spending.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about the Wellness Plans offered by Sage Hill Animal Hospital.

Pet Wellness Plans Highlights:


  • Our plans allow you to pay for your pet’s preventive care at a greatly reduced price
  • Biannual health checkups by doing comprehensive physical exams
  • Early screening of major illnesses and ailments