Wellness EXams

Wellness Exams


Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams are important to maintain the health of your furry friend. Even if your pet’s health seems fine, it’s important to maintain annual exams and keep up with vaccinations. Pets age faster than humans, significant changes can occur in the health of your pet during a short period of time. A wellness examination can help detect the early stages of diseases. Therefore, a wellness exam is highly recommended for most pets.


At Sage Hill, Animal Hospital provides complete checkup and wellness exam services to your pets. When you bring your pet to our clinic, we check the overall general health and perform assessment which includes blood tests, urine analysis and checking stool samples for parasites. The blood tests include a complete blood cell count and chemistry panel. It provides us with information if your pet has problems such as anemia, infection or organ diseases. Parasite tests help us to detect heartworm disease. Urinalysis helps determine whether your pet’s kidneys are working correctly and have no urinary tract infections. During the wellness exam, we ensure that there are no potential issues with your pet’s health. A wellness exam can reveal a lot of helpful information based on which we can take preventive steps for the best health care of your pets.


Sage Hill Animal Hospital also offers wellness plans which will help to keep your pet’s health up to date. Call us today to inquire more information about the wellness exams and wellness plans offered by our Hospital