Dental Services at Sage hill Animal hospital

we know pets are part of your family and beloved companions

Dental Services:

Dental care of your pet’s teeth is extremely important. Routine checking of pet’s teeth plays an important role in the overall health of your pet. Regular examination of Pet’s teeth helps prevent gum disease and oral cavities. Proper care of your pet’s teeth also helps prevent the bacteria getting into the bloodstream of your pet which can lead to heart and kidney damages further down the road.

Sage Hill Animal Hospital provides dental services including the complete examination of your pet’s teeth. We check to ensure that there is no gingivitis and plaque on your pet’s teeth. We also ensure there’s no loose tooth or root exposure. We thoroughly examine your pet’s teeth for any signs of gum disease, cavities and tooth fracture occurring in your pet. At Sage Hill Animal Hospital, we are trained to clean your pet’s teeth, fill cavities and in case of emergency we also provide tooth extraction services.

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